Close Communication with Our Overseas Producers

All of our ingredients are imported from overseas, and as we do not directly cultivate and harvest nuts ourselves it is extremely important that we have business partners (producers) whom we can trust in countries all over the world.

Care Takes Time and Effort

Nuts have been known and loved for over 5,000 years, and their cultivation takes many years and a lot of hard work. After securing agricultural land, during the five or more years that it takes following the planting of trees until they bear fruit and crops can be harvested, producers provide them with water and fertilizer, pay attention to insect damage and weather conditions. They spare no effort in nurturing them, and their compassion is evident in the fruit. With the same high level of care, inspired by their dedication, we spare no effort in delivering these products to our customers in optimum condition.

Making Products that are Compatible with Varying Levels of Quality According to Weather and Location

There are many external factors that can influence the growth of trees, with differences in local conditions and weather situations bringing changes in terms of quality. Are they getting enough water? What about sunshine hours? What temperatures are best suited to the various stages of growth? The questions are almost endless. We therefore work with our producers to observe every little detail in order to ensure that the quality of each year’s harvest corresponds with the nature of the desired finished product.

Keeping in Touch

At Toyo Nut we watch over the cultivation of the trees together with our producers, with our purchasing agents and quality managers visiting several times a year in order to ensure the highest possible quality. During such visits we discuss issues that may have come up during the year, with a focus on the quality of raw materials, and there are times where we have to sit down and think through certain challenges together, including how to improve and meet each other’s demands. Naturally, we also give good feedback, because we believe that it is important to build our business on sustainable and close relationships with our producers. If our nuts can put a smile on the faces of people throughout the world, then we would consider it a job well done.