Achievements Oversea

Achievements Oversea

Approved by the ATO (US Agricultural Trade Office)

In June 2013 we were inducted into the US Agricultural Hall of Fame as one of the businesses that has contributed to increasing exports of US agricultural products and foodstuffs, thus establishing our name in the history of US foodstuffs and agricultural products exported to Japan.

Member of the International Nuts and Dried Fruit Council (INC)

The INC is the international source of information for all things relating to nuts and dried fruit. Although we have missed the occasional meeting since our invitation to the third meeting, we continue to participate in general meetings due to our desire to contribute to the expansion of the Japanese nut industry.

World Cashew Congress (WCC): India 2001

At the first ever WCC, we received a commendation for our contributions to the development of the cashew nut industry, one of four companies in the world and the only company in Asia to do so.