Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Toyo Nut Co., Ltd. (”Toyo Nut”) appreciates how important personal information is and recognizes that compliance with personal information protection-related laws and regulations is a key corporate obligation; thus, we adhere to the following policies in order to ensure the security of our customers’ personal information.

Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection

  • We only collect, use or provide personal information for clearly defined purposes. Also, we collect personal information through fair and lawful means.
  • We have a designated custodian who ensures appropriate measures are taken to administer and safeguard personal information. In addition, we have preventative and corrective measures in place to address such risks as personal information loss, destruction, falsification or unauthorized disclosure or access.
  • We comply with all personal information-related laws, regulations and standards.
Intended Uses for Personal Information

Toyo Nut may request personal information (name, address, postal code, telephone number, sex, date of birth, occupation, email address, product delivery destination, etc.) from customers (including job applicants) for the following reasons. Also, in the case of job applicants, Toyo Nut may request the submission of documents which contain personal information.

  • 〈1〉 In order to provide products, services, etc., to customers
  • 〈2〉 In order to provide information services via email to customers
  • 〈3〉 In order to deliver documents, catalogs, etc., requested by customers
  • 〈4〉 In order to deliver prizes to customers chosen as winners in campaigns and other events
  • 〈5〉 In order to reply to feedback and inquiries received from customers
  • 〈6〉 In order to request customer participation in surveys and other information gathering efforts related to Toyo Nut products, services, etc.
  • 〈7〉 In order to make hiring decisions
Protection and Management of Personal Information

Toyo Nut takes the utmost care with the personal information we obtain from customers, ensuring that this information is appropriately protected and managed to prevent unauthorized disclosure, falsification or other situations from arising. In order to improve the services we provide customers, we may entrust the handling of personal information to outside companies which we have determined to be sufficiently trustworthy (hereafter, “Contractors”); however, we ensure that all Contractors adhere to the Basic Policy on Personal Information described here.

Shared Usage of Personal Information

Toyo Nut may share personal information obtained from customers with retailers and other designated parties when such sharing falls within the essential scope of intended use for the information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Toyo Nut will not disclose to third parties, other than Contractors or designated parties for shared use, any personal information obtained from customers without the customers’ prior consent. However, in the event of the following, we may be required to disclose customers’ personal information.

  • 〈1〉 If a customer is found to have undertaken behavior harmful to Toyo Nut, other customers or stakeholders, this may necessitate the disclosure of the customer’s personal information to a court of law, the police or other relevant governmental authorities or relevant parties.
  • 〈2〉 If ordered by a government agency, court of law, public prosecutor, the police, a Bar Association or other entity with the requisite legal authority, this may necessitate the disclosure of customersユ personal information.
  • 〈3〉 In the event of scenarios which do not fall within the scope of (1) and (2) above but which have a legal basis, this may necessitate the disclosure of customers’ personal information.
Use of Cookies

We use browser “cookies” on some pages of the Toyo Nut website. Cookies help us to gather customer-related statistical data for our website (viewing history, time spent on the website, etc.) without infringing on customer privacy. This statistical data is used solely as reference to help us improve the level of service we provide customers through the Toyo Nut website. Customers cannot be personally identified solely from the information stored from cookies.

If you want to decline cookies, you can change your browser settings to do so; however, this may render some pages or functions of the Toyo Nut website unusable.

Cookie Policy

Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

If there is an error, change, etc., in your personal information, or if you wish to have your personal information deleted because you will no longer be using our services, please notify Toyo Nut directly, and we will promptly take the required action to correct, delete or otherwise modify your information.

Also, if you would like to contact Toyo Nut to disclose, correct, add or modify your personal information, please attach the requisite documentation to the prescribed application form and send it via post to Toyo Nut. To request an application form, please email or call us.

[Required Documents]
Application form prescribed by Toyo Nut (Personal Information Disclosure, Correction or Suspension of Use Request Form)
Documentation proving your identity
Personal Information-related Inquiries

Please contact the office below with any inquiries you may have pertaining to personal information.

Customer Support Office, Toyo Nut Co., Ltd.
[Address] 30 Fukaehama-machi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 658 - 0023
[Phone] +81 78-452-7211
[Hours] 9:00 - 17:00 (excluding weekends, holidays and Toyo Nut non-business days)