Website Terms of Use

Website Terms of Use


The Toyo Nut Co., Ltd. website (”the Website”) is owned and operated by Toyo Nut Co., Ltd. (”Toyo Nut”). Those accessing the Website are asked to read and keep in mind the following terms of use. Please also be aware that Toyo Nut reserves the right to change these terms of use without notice. Any such changes will go into effect from the time at which they are made; so, please stay up to date by checking these terms of use.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

The information provided to customers by the Website is protected by the Copyright Act and other intellectual property rights-related laws and regulations. This information is provided solely for private use by customers. Any duplication, transmission, distribution, delivery, adaptation or other use of the information provided requires the express permission of Toyo Nut.

Prohibited Activities

Customers are prohibited from engaging in any of the following when using the Website.

  • 1) Infringing upon the copyright or other intellectual property rights of other customers, third parties or Toyo Nut.
  • 2) Defaming, slandering or threatening other customers, third parties or Toyo Nut.
  • 3) Causing, or creating a risk of, harm or loss to other customers, third parties or Toyo Nut
  • 4) Creating a risk of damage to the reputation of Toyo Nut or the Website.
  • 5) Using the Website to conduct business or to make profit.
  • 6) Engaging in behavior, communications or other activity which is obscene, lewd or otherwise in violation of public standards.
  • 7) Using, providing or potentially exposing Toyo Nut, the Website or other users to a computer virus or other harmful program.
  • 8) Engaging in illegal or potentially illegal behavior.
  • 9) Engaging in behavior which is not covered by the preceding items but which violates these Terms of Use by hindering, or potentially hindering, the business operations of Toyo Nut or third parties.

Provision of Ideas and Products

It may be that customers have ideas, designs, production techniques, sales promotion strategies or other proposals which they want to offer to Toyo Nut. Within Toyo Nut as well, we are also working daily to develop original ideas, designs, production techniques, sales promotion strategies and other proposals.
This may result in coincidental situations where a proposal developed internally happens to be similar to a proposal made by a customer. Due to the fact that such situations risk creating misunderstandings and disputes between Toyo Nut and customers, and from a desire to avoid these sorts of unforeseen eventualities, we ask that customers refrain from submitting proposals to us. If, in light of this, you still wish to submit your proposal, please understand that Toyo Nut is under no obligation to evaluate, adopt, pay compensation or otherwise respond to the submitted proposal.


Unless otherwise stipulated in the Terms of Use of another Toyo Nut service, we assume no responsibility to customers or third parties with regard to use of the Website. Also, although we implement thorough measures with regard to Website content management and security, we make no guarantees about the Website’s currentness, accuracy, utility, purpose-specific compatibility, functionality and safety, including the absence of any computer viruses or other harmful content.

Links to third-party websites (”Other Websites”) not connected with the Website may be posted on the Website; however, the content of Other Websites is managed by the operators of said websites, and Toyo Nut is in no way connected with Other Websites. In addition, links to Other Websites are not to be construed as endorsements of the information (e.g., products and services) provided by said websites. Toyo Nut makes no guarantee about, and assumes no responsibility for, the truthfulness, safety or utility of content on Other Websites.

Toyo Nut also assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage which may occur as a result of changes to, or stoppage of, the Website.

Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

Both those accessing the Website and Toyo Nut agree that Japanese law shall apply with regard to usage of the Website. For any disputes relating to usage of the Website, the Kobe District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance.